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I teach on an as-needed basis at my studio in West Seattle. If you are interested, call or email me and I’ll coordinate a date that works for everyone. or 206.227.5332

Class fees include all materials:  substrates, wax, dammar, pigment, papers, inks and the use of equipment, tools and brushes.  I teach 4-6 people at a time so as to give each student plenty of one on one attention. 

Pre-payment please. Credit cards accepted.

Introduction to Encaustics

This 4 hour beginning workshop is for those who are curious about encaustic painting and want to learn the process.  It’s a great way to see if you like the medium, and if it suits you.  The class covers a brief history of this ancient medium, and what equipment is needed.  You will be shown how to melt and prepare your medium, layer and fuse the wax to your substrate, mix colors, burnish and fuse paper into your work, and how to create fine line work by carving into the wax.  Also covered are safety tips on how to ventilate properly while working with the hot wax.  An email with all the information covered is included, which has links to where to buy supplies, and more general information.

Fee:  $140.00 per person (includes French press coffee to get you going!

Intermediate Encaustics

This is a 5 hour workshop that expands on what was covered in the introduction workshop, with additional techniques demonstrated:  how to incorporate shellac into your piece, and how to make and burnish in draw-through prints.  More time is spent on how to layer and incorporate a myriad of techniques into your work, as well as ways of making the work wall ready.  An email with all the information covered is included.

Fee:  $175.00 per person (includes a glass of wine at the end of the class!)

Advanced Encaustics

This is a 7 hour workshop intended to really focus on how to get the results you want with your work.  More attention is focused on what your intention is, how to achieve your goals with the wax, and how to manipulate the medium in a way that results in the surfaces you desire.  This class has plenty of working studio time and more personal instruction that the other two workshops, and encourages each person to browse an array of art books during the day, as breaks will be needed. 

This class finishes with a light dinner and wine in my garden while we discuss what worked for each of you, what didn’t work, and conduct a general critique.  Each person will receive a high-resolution jpg of their work via email. 

Fee:  $245.00 per person (includes coffee, food and wine!)

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