works on paper

Statement for the Entelechia Series

I moved to New York in February 2020, got sick, recovered, helped run an artist residency in March that ended early due to the coronavirus, and have been social distancing in South Brooklyn ever since. 

Without my usual art materials or access to a studio, I began working on paper.  These pieces combine the two sides of myself—one meticulous, detail oriented, linear, tight, the other more expansive, spontaneous, sweeping and left to chance. 

These works are tedious, time-consuming drawings later obscured completely by obliterating them with black ink, some of which is removed in various ways.  They start with a very smooth plastic surface and end in a rich black, with prior details peeking through.  To me they feel like the virus blanketing us all – like racism raising its revolting head . . . like society itself.

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